Financial Roadshows

Financial Roadshows

Financial Roadshow

Guarantee for our services

SVIPLS chauffeuring caters to the demanding needs of the global business traveller. Our unrivalled obsession with customer service ensures we deliver the highest quality service anywhere in the world.



We Have been managing roadshows for major financial institutions and other corporate clients since 2004. We recognise that itineraries are meticulously planned to maximise the use of time available and we make sure that is reflected in the execution of the service.



Only our most experienced executive chauffeurs are assigned to financial roadshows. Our operations staff will be happy to work with you to ensure faultless service.



Business Roadshow

Mercedes E Class

The Mercedes E-Class is our benchmark vehicle for chauffeuring services. Offering a high standard of comfort and safety, combined with a carbon friendly engine, the E-Class delivers our clients to their destinations in style day in, day out.

CHF 107.70

First Class Roadshow

Mercedes S Class

The Mercedes S-Class long wheelbase represents the premium vehicle of choice for VIP travellers. Recognised as the finest model in the chauffeur industry, the S-Class has high levels of style, comfort, safety and technology, ensuring complete passenger satisfaction.

CHF 129.24

Executive Van Roadshow

Mercedes V Class

The Mercedes V-Class is recognised globally as the premium vehicle for VIPs travelling in groups. Our long wheelbase model offers multiple seating configurations, making it ideal for on the road meetings and conferences.

CHF 118.47


Service Objectives & Outcomes


Itinerary management

We actively advise and help you with Itinerary


Logistical support

We can offer all Logistical support needed


Journey planning

Journey planning is specific to location, we know every corner and every back door, for each of your destinations


Integrated flight tracking

We track your flights, you don’t have to worry for early or late arrivals


GPS navigation

We use up to date live navigation system, to avoid any traffic issues, so that we are always on time.


Executive Chauffeurs

For roadshows we assign only our top executive chauffeurs.



Corporate Accounts

Business Accounts

Our mission is to deliver seamless, reliable and consistent ground transportation solutions for travel arrangers and their business travelers wherever they travel. Using proprietary technology, corporate business travel expertise, competitive pricing and a complete set of ground transportation management tools for travel arrangers, SVIPLS helps companies manage and organize their ground transportation rides and expense

Private Accounts

Private Accounts

Today’s World is tough, competitive and demanding. If you are coming in to town, or you are away from home on business, or entertaining colleagues; we understand that comfort and convenience while traveling is important. Our staff of Ground Travel Professionals will work with you to ensure that all your transportation needs are met.

Service Technology


Text message ride alerts and our mobile app allow you to track your driver, receive your driver’s name, picture, car number and car type. This way you know exactly when, who and what to expect on your SVIPLS ride.

Book A Financial Roadshow!

Simply send your itinerary. We do the rest. Booking your financial roadshow is as simple as sending us your itinerary. You don’t need to do another thing.

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