Code of Conduct

SVIPLS Global Code of Conduct

SVIPLS Global Code of Conduct is a clear set of standards for our business conduct. It provides the ethical and behavioural framework on which we base our decisions every day. The Code is anchored in our values and beliefs and underpins all that we do.

By delivering on the promise of our Code, we will deliver quality in everything we do to help our clients, our communities and ourselves to succeed and grow.

To the people of SVIPLS

SVIPLS is committed to doing its part in building a better working world.

Our Global Code of Conduct and our values underpin this purpose. They represent our commitment to our owners and all our customers that we understand the confidence that they place in us to deliver quality and excellence in everything we do.

Every day each one of us could be faced with challenging and difficult choices; it’s simply a part of living and working in a demanding, complex and increasingly globalized business environment. But it’s the integrity and professionalism that we bring to these challenges that defines our reputation.

We are each accountable for our own decisions. And we are accountable to all our SVIPLS colleagues and Partners across the world.
The Code provides a clear set of standards for our business conduct. It presents each of us with an ethical and behavioral framework to guide our response to the challenging and sometimes difficult choices we face. It also reflects our values.

Whenever we encounter an ethical issue, each of us has the responsibility to respond in a manner that reflects our values in action, including the responsibility to speak up when we see any behavior that we believe does not live up to the principles in the Code. While most issues can be resolved locally, you will find information within this Code about additional support and resources available globally.

It’s essential that everyone at SVIPLS fully complies with the Code. By doing so, we send a clear message to those we work with about the strength of our commitment to ethical behavior and quality.

In this way we protect and enhance the reputation of SVIPLS, and play a key role in building a better working world for our people, for our partners, for our clients and for our communities.

De Jan Kuk